Storage and Filing Systems

Storage and Filing Systems

Efficiently Manage Space, Information, and Materials with a Complete Line of Well-Designed Storage Systems

For today’s businesses that rely upon physical storage and filing systems, we know that space is at a premium, and it’s important to be able to quickly and easily locate documents at a moment’s notice.

Storage Systems
Since the mid-1980s, Professional Systems USA, Inc. has specialized in helping our clients maximize storage space, increase efficiency, and securely store even the most confidential documents.

In addition, managing a seemingly overwhelming amount of information can be made easier with our electronic document management services, which include imaging, scanning and more for physical document to digital conversion.

We offer systems that are custom designed for your space and storage needs.

We offer design and installation of:

  • High Density Storage and Filing Systems
  • Mobile Mechanical Assist and Power Files
  • Rotary Files
  • Open Shelf Filing
  • Lateral and Vertical Storage Cabinets
  • Special Storage Systems, such as Weapons Storage, Library Shelving, Athletic Equipment Storage, Box Storage, and more

We invite you to contact us today.

We have a custom storage solution no matter how specialized or confidential your business.