Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Secure, Reliable and Efficient

Electronic Document ManagementFaced with today’s accelerated, content-driven, and complex business environment, leading companies increasingly depend upon electronic document management systems to store and retrieve information, some of which is highly sensitive, confidential or irreplaceable. Going paperless saves time and money, frees up space, increases productivity, and eliminates misfiles.

At Professional Systems USA, Inc., we pride ourselves on our impeccable digital document management services, which conform to Federal and state mandates for security and privacy.

Clients such as major universities, health departments, hospitals, medical practices, financial institutions and real estate firms, have entrusted Professional Systems with the digital management of their most important assets.

Our trained staff members have completed full background screenings prior to being hired, and they have signed comprehensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. In addition, we entrust select couriers rather than common carriers to ensure a secure chain of custody of records. Further, we are well conversed with a diverse range of applications and can help integrate your existing or anticipated systems with ours. We are happy to provide assistance with teaching your team how to easily use our solutions.

Our web accessible K-docs digital document management solution is customizable, scalable, secured with multiple levels of encryption for security, and protected with redundant backups to eliminate possibility of data loss. Multiple user access, authorization levels, and password protection ensure that only authorized employees have access.

At Professional Systems we can assist with the imaging, scanning and digital management of everything from general correspondence to confidential documents, including:

  • Medical, Employee and Student Records
  • Human Resources Records
  • Physician Records Microfilm and Fiche Conversion to Digital
  • Pharmaceutical and Other Research Laboratory Notebooks
  • Corporate Financial Records
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Records
  • Explanation of Benefits Reports from Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Property Files
  • Meeting Minutes and much more

Contact us today to learn how we can help with all your electronic document management needs.